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Mamihlapinatapai – People of Bogotà

a film by Gaetano Crivaro / Margherita Pisano
Italy – Colombia / 2017 / 21,30 min. / Full HD / 16-9 / Color

Bogotá, nine million inhabitants.
The most impressive thing is its sound, explosive if compared to all the other territories passed by the VideoRitratti project.
The need to build a narrative is the motor of all the investigation.
Every street, square, neighborhood, corner, every person could belong to any place.
What binds everything is the common background of the portrait.
The camera steps back a little more.
Here more than anywhere else every portrait is the opportunity to challenge all previous assumptions..
The metropolis, its unrestful and ever-changing life, “broke the frame” every single time.
The stopping of every subject becomes an act of presence and resistance, through corporeality and gaze.
There’s no portrait in which the city stops behind.
Sound is an ensemble of ten, a hundred different sounds.
Sirens, engines, announcements, murmur, chants, bells, cries.
Sound, this time, becomes the motor that builds the narrative, the off-camera.
The intention is to describe this place, a crossroads of many other places and many stories, through a collective portrait, a call for posing, for watching ourselves in a time when everything is fleeting, in a city where staring in the eyes instead of watching your back is tiring.
Besides, the subject of the portrait often decides to break the picture, reveal the interaction.
Someone had the need to sing, some to recite a poem, a rap about life on the streets, someone chooses to stare into the camera, but keeping on with what he was doing before making eye contact.

Direction & Editing:
Gaetano Crivaro, Margherita Pisano
Direction assistant & Scene photography: Andres Santamaria
Cinematography: G. Crivaro
Sound: M. Pisano
Production: L’Ambulante
Research & visual/sound experimentation: G. Crivaro and M. Pisano
With the collaboration of: Andres Santamaria (photographer/filmaker); John Bernal (antropologist); David Rojas ( filmaker); El Espejo corporación audiovisual y escuela de Cine, Universidad Uniminuto, Arcupa and Los Encinesmados escuela de cine comunitario
With the support of DE.MO./MOVIN’UP I sessione 2016, a cura di MINISTERO DEI BENI E DELLE ATTIVITÀ CULTURALI E DEL TURISMO Direzione Generale Arte e Architettura Contemporanee e Periferie Urbane, Direzione Generale Spettacolo e GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani
Co-funded by Produzioni dal Basso

– Festival internacionàl de Villa de Lleyva, Colombia, 2017;
– Festival de Cine Espagnol de Stuttgart, Germany, 2017.
– Visioni di Cinema Indipendente, Italy, 2018
– Terre di Confine Film Festival, Italy, 2018
– ETNOFILM Cadca, Slovakia, 2018
– 43° Laceno d’oro. Festival Internazionale del Cinema, Concorso Documentari, Irpinia, 2018
– 19° DOC BUENOS AIRES – Ciclo Cine de Artistas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019