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Hey Boys

a film by Gaetano Crivaro / Margherita Pisano
ITA – UK / 35,01 min / Color / 2019

Produced by: Francesca Fois / L’Ambulante
With the contribution of: Regione Autonoma della Sardegna / Global Rural Project / Aberystwyth University
Distribution: Bo Film
Direction: Gaetano Crivaro / Margherita Pisano
Camera: Gaetano Crivaro / Masud Ranaa Farrajee / Daniel Abhademhenre / Margherita Pisano
Editing: Gaetano Crivaro
Editing consultant: Alberto Diana
Sound: Margherita Pisano
Sound Editing: Margherita Pisano
Sound mix: Nicola Di Croce
Translations: Caterina Gueli / Bourama Diagne / Francesca Fois

Daniel Abhademhenre / Ansu Camara / Mamadou Camara Diallo / Makandjan Coulibaly / Franco Dessi / AlphonseDiawo / Ebou Joujusey / Razu Khan / Monir Mia / Abdoulie Marong / Anamul Matubber / Sojip Motubber /Abdoulie Nicol / Matteo Paba / Masud Farrajee / Modibo Sibide

Few houses and green mountains all around. Gazes set far ahead try to see, beyond those mountains, a possible horizon.
The silent streets, the few houses dwelt give a sense of quietness, everything looks immobile, almost suspended in time. Music from remote places, young urban rhythms try to move this apparent balance.
How is becoming adult inside a small mountain village, in which is strong the feelings to be a stranger and from where the young generation escaped?
How is understanding a new world made of rules and lifestyles which you don`t know, far away from home and in pursuit of a new home?
How can a passing moment, in which you feel suspended, be faced?
The protagonists of Hey Boys are teenagers dealing with a vital energy to discharge, with a curiosity of the world to fill, with an irresistible will to be free. Like all the youngsters of their generations are capable to break the apparent quietness and lead us towards questions bewildering us.

– 37 Festival Cinematografico Internacional del Uruguay, Panorama Cortometraje Internacional, Montevideo, 2019
– 29 Festival del Cinema Africano, Asia e America Latina, concorso EXTR’A, Milano, 2019
– 21° MIDBO – Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogotà, Sezione Espejo _ Migrar y persistir, Bogotà, Colombia, November 2019