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Good Buy Roma

a film by Gaetano Crivaro / Margherita Pisano
ITA / Documentary / 2011 / 48 mi

Abandoned for years, closed, protected and threatened by a high wall enclosed by barbed wire , covered with so much dust, the building in Via del Porto Fluviale 12 was a public ownership military warehouse, One of the many skeletons that sprout like mushrooms in the cityscape. It was, because nowadays it is something else.
Over the years and through much work, the dust has been banished, the degradation process stopped and life has taken its place.

From 6 June 2003 about 100 families, coming from three continents, live in this former-skeleton. In 8 years about 40 children were born. So the old barracks has become not only a home but almost a small town.

Lenght: 50 min
Year: 2011
Written and directed by: Gaetano Crivaro and Margherita Pisano
Direction: Gaetano Crivaro and Margherita Pisano
Original story: Margherita Pisano
Music: Massimiliano Sbenaglia, Mario Romanazzi
Photography: Gaetano Crivaro
Editing: Gaetano Crivaro
Archive photography: Simona Pampallona
Photo: Margherita Pisano
Investigation: Margherita Pisano Gaetano Crivaro
Translation: Matteo Locci, Claudia Martinez Mansell, Andres Bermudez Moure, Massimiliano Sbenaglia
Production: L’Ambulante
Distribution: L’Ambulante

– Menzione Migranti _ Visioni Fuori Raccordo 2011
– Premio del Pubblico_ Docucity 2012
– Premio kino _ Carbonia Film Festival 2012
– Miglior Film_ Bastimento film Festival 2012
– Miglior Film _ Festival Cinemavvenire 2012
– Menzione Speciale _ VisualFest 2013

– Bellaria Film Festival 2011
– Ânûû-rû âboro Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples 2011
– Sole Luna Festival 2011
– The Village Doc Festival 2011
– Festival dei Diritti umani di Napoli 2011
– Festival Cinematografico Internacional de Uruguay 2012
– Festival de los derechos Humanos de Barcelona 2012
– Cinemigrante 2012
– Parma Video Film Festival 2012
– EthnoCineca 2013
– Yamagata Film Festival 2013
– Addis International Documentary Festival 2013