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Passu Passu
(Step By Step)

Passu Passu is a roaming project of urban exploration that took place between September and November 2014.

Originated from the collaboration between the associations L’Ambulante and (S)cambiare, the project aimed at discovering glimpses, unusual places, stories and narratives from Cagliari.
After a workshop discussion, this journey of collective discovery of the territory was translated into a map of the experience, located in the Sanità pier of the port of Cagliari. A project of relational art made of three fundamental moments:

– Collective explorations/walks through urban peripheries, later called La Città Prosciugata (The Drained City), La Città Bucata (The Drilled City) and La Città Coperta (The Covered City);

– Creative workshops to re-elaborate the experience; collective work aimed at reflecting upon the visited territory and how to interpret and reuse the material produced during the first phase;

– Realization of the “pavimentale” (pavement painting) called “La Città Sconfinata” (The Borderless City), an artistic re-elaboration of the route and the meanings that emerged from the encounters, the places and the sensations evoked by the journey.