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La Processione

a short film by Gaetano Crivaro
Italy / 2015 / 22 min. / HD – Color

Pollina, Sicily, Good Friday.

A group of children leads a procession before the camera following the faded choreography of the local cult. It’s a procession within the procession, in parallel.
One kid shows his wonderment to the camera, his way of discovering and interpreting the world. We don’t know whether to believe in Christ, the Virgin Mary, the ritual, the innocence, or the image.
The purest thing, here, is the glance of the kids venturing to discover the world through their shortcuts. Faith and ritual are the canvas for a human universe, which reveals itself strangely simple and full of curiosity.

Direction, Photography, editing and sound: Gaetano Crivaro
Production: L’Ambulante
With: Alma Cinquegrani, Luchino Cortina, Giuliano Giambelluca, Iacopo Musotto, Nunzio Musotto, Giuliano Cangelosi, Dario Cinquegrani, Antonio Di Noto
Location: Pollina (PA), Sicilia, Italia

– Concorso Fiorenzo Serra, Italy, 2016
– Visioni Di Cinema Indipendente, Italy, 2018