VJING. HomeLess Lanscape

//VJING – Landscape HomeLess
7th August // Voci dai calanchi (Voices from the ravines)
Cutro (KR)

A cine-sound performance with mixed techniques.

Two screens, or rather, two picture frames: one digital and one analogical from 16mm projectors, manipulated and mixed in the moment and accompanied by live musical composition.

The digital projected images come mainly from the HomeLess – Cinema without Family archives curated by L’Ambulante, which brings together film (8mm, Super8, magnetic tape) which has been collected over the course of nearly ten years from flea markets from a wide variety of places.

An abandoned cinema that is, without family, which finds its home in the landscape. The 16mm images are instead either fragments of scenes filmed specially for the purpose (some in the ravines or the countryside around Cutro) or else also the result of rescue from abandoned markets.

The live screening will by curated by Gaetano Civaro. The images will be projected directly onto the walls of the gullies with a live soundtrack based on an experiment inspired by soundscapes and born of the musical project by Malutempu with music from Antonio Olivo in collaboration with Domenico Manico.