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El Vagòn

a film by Gaetano Crivaro / Andrés Santamaria
Italy / Documentary / 2015 / S8-HD Color and b/n / 19 min.

For two years, Antonio and Patrizia lived in a train wagon on the abandoned tracks of Cagliari’s train station. How can their story be told without falling into cynical, pathetic television standards?
How to approach two borderline personalities without diminishing the inherently subversive value of their marginal existence?
The image must re-think and re-position itself, it must lose its sharpness to relate as an amateur – following Stan Brakhage’s definition of the term – to the filmed subjects, seeking a sense of mutual, emphatic proximity. Hence the decision of working with different media. From digital video to smartphone shots, from a Super8 to an improvised pinhole camera, the medium is progressively dismantled in order to achieve the closest glance possible. What is left in the end, is the visualization of the relationship between the two directors and Antonio and Patrizia, with the world of their objects, to which they are related in a complex web of necessities. (source. Filmmaker Festival)

Direction, photography and editing: Gaetano Crivaro, Andrés Santamaria
Film in S8: Gaetano Crivaro
Film with mobile phone: Andrés Santamaria
Pinhole photography: Gaetano Crivaro Andrés Santamaria
Sound: Gaetano Crivaro
English translation: Judith Ibañez
Produced by: L’Ambulante
Archive film: Società Umanitaria Cineteca Sarda
With: Antonio Pretta, Patrizia Piras, Gaetano Crivaro, Andrés Santamaria
Location: Cagliari

– Visioni Italiane, Bologna 2016, Primo Premio Visioni Sarde
– Secondo Premio sezione Documentari, Catone Film Festival, 2016

– Filmmaker Festival, Concorso Prospettive Italia, Milano, 2015
– Visioni Italiane, Visioni Sarde, Bologna, 2016
– Festival de Cine en las Montaña, secciòn Cinema Experimental, Colombia, 2016
– Premio Libero Bizzarri, Concorso ITALIAcortoDOC, San Benedetto del Tronto, 2016
– Festival de Cine El Espejo, Secciòn Documental, Bogotà, 2016
– Catone Film Festival, Sezione Documentario, 2016
– Poverarte Festival, Italy, 2017
– Visioni di Cinema Indipendente, Italy 2018
– Terre di Confine Film Festival, Italy, 2018