Second-hand Cinema
A collective editing workshop. Forms of redeployment of the archive.

Sant’Antioco, Sardinia
23 March 2024

An instant after having been fixed, an image becomes archive.
But what is an archive? An archive is a storehouse for images, a catalogue, organized according to precise categories.
There are official archives and “minor” archives, archives of family memories and personal archives, and so on. Even YouTube is an immense archive.
And how do we succeed in managing this infinite amount of images which daily feed an endless archive?
One of the greatest values of archives is the gift of remembering of things we have not lived, memories we didn’t know we had, of giving images to ill-remembered dreams. Archived images live anew, in the moment of meeting our gaze, and so they must be un-archived, handled, slowed, manipulated, enlarged, dissected and juxtaposed with other images, sounds, texts, in order to produce new images and imaginaries, or to explore dreams, stories, memories.
This was the intention behind the Second-hand Cinema workshop realized for MuseoDiffuso.exe: to reflect on archives together and experiment with collective montage.
We explored two audiovisual archives: the HomeLess Movies archive – dedicated to film material of unknown provenance – and material from the Humanitarian Archive of Carbonia linked with the territory of Sant’Antioco.
In the process we assayed possible narrations and montages beyond the filmic, exploring compositions which weaved images, texts and stories, and attempted to restitute new ways of looking at the territory which hosted us.
The workshop was led by Gaetano Crivaro and Margherita Pisano, the founders of the L’Ambulante collective.



Three works of archival photo-narrative emerged from this encounter:
Il punto prescelto (“The chosen spot”) – Coppola, Barzon, Manfredi
Una nuova terra m’assale (“A new land assails me”) – Dessì, Celani
Lui a lei / lei a Lui (“He to her / she to Him”) – Caria, Mancosu